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I still have honey candy in my fridge

Hi, Ravenflake! I feel like talking, but I don't want to talk to myself. Why can't I make myself go to bed early? Why don't I take my shower before "Lost" so that I don't put it off afterward and end up going to bed past 11:00? That really is my goal every week. I think I made it once.

I finished knitting the hat for Emily's friend Karen. Karen is going through chemo now, and I don't think she has any hair left. She had a hat on already when I took mine over to her. She really liked it though. It looks better on her than it does on me because her head is smaller than mine.

My parents are having a party on Saturday for people from our church. The house is looking better, as they decorate and de-clutter, but they still have areas full of their debris. Newspaper ads, mail, papers, magazines, etc. And yet it was my two board games and wool spinning that were making the house messy. Riiiight.
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